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HZRD Sketch Books - New Size - 6x9"

HZRD Sketch Books - New Size - 6x9"

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We love to sketch, and since you all loved the 4x6" jotter books, we decided to expand the size for all you scoundrel-artists! These sketch books are 6x9" and made from recycled HHP posters. All covers are randomly chosen and cut out during assembly so no book is exactly like the other, making each one it's own unique piece of art.

  • 6" W x 9" H // Selected, Cut & Assembled by Hand
  • 100lb. Multi-Color, Up-cycled Test Print Poster Cover
  • 20 Pages // 70lb. Acid-Free Speckletone Blank Pages
  • All Sketch Books Will Be Selected at Random (IMAGE IS OF 4x6" JOTTER BOOK)

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