No.6 | BS CPNY-F

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Sold "As-Is" as an Artist Print signed & numbered from the original print run for the show. These were printed to test inks, experiment with different paper colors, and dial-in print registration. 

  • Printed during original edition ~ Winter 2020
  • Approx. 18" x 24" on 100# Moon Lava Foil
  • Marked as a Test Print & Signed by Artist
  • Carefully Rolled in tissue + heavyweight packing paper
  • Condition:  Mint ( x1 Listed ) *Has been re-listed*

*Due to demand this item is limited to only 1 per order / home.*
Please be respectful and allow others a chance. Any requests or questions can be sent using the drop down below and are considered on a per case basis.
No.6 | BS CPNY-F

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