Defy The Hand Patch


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Who says you have to take what life gives you all the time? Show people you make you're own destiny and have the grit to defy the hand you're dealt... When life hands you lemons, make lemonade... Be the change you want to see happen... and all that other easily quotable junk that people say.

  • Size is approx. 3.5″ X 3.5″
  • 5 Thread Color, Full-Embroidered
  • Heat Cut, Stitch Merrowed Edges
  • Sturdy Twill Backing & Iron-On Ready

Any requests for size replacements or questions can be sent using the dropdown below and are considered on a per case basis.

All poster orders, with 3 items or less, ship in a 3" x 24" Yazoo Mills® Extra Heavy-Duty Tube and are carefully rolled in a sheet of protective kraft paper and cushioned with packing tissue to keep it snug.

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Defy The Hand Patch
Defy The Hand Patch
Defy The Hand Patch
Defy The Hand Patch

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