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Yonder Mountain | Winter '16

Yonder Mountain | Winter '16

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We're no stranger to harsh winters in the Midwest, so to celebrate our good friends at Yonder Mountain String Band's show at the Canopy Club, we thought a 6-pack of tall boys was in order! Using that blue collar ingenuity, this weather is perfect for keeping your favorite brew chilled to perfection. Plus, if you were at the show in Urbana, you know that a little hardcore, string-busting bluegrass is the great way to keep spirits high in an Illinois January.


Dimensions // 16″ X 20″

Process // 4 Color Screenprint

Paper // French 100# Kraft-tone Index Off-White 

Limited Edition // Original Run of 35 
Selling Artist Print Run of 20 

All prints are Signed & Numbered by Artists.


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