6 Days on the Road FAQ


What Posters Will Drop When???

All of the poster pages will go live at halfhazardpress.com/collections/6-Days-On-The-Road the week before the drop. Although you won’t be able to purchase the poster until it’s time for the drop, the product page will let you know:

  • When it’s going to drop
  • How many AP’s there are
  • How much it will cost

And, for the lazy scoundrels out there, here’s a list of the APs that will drop every day at 11am CST/12pm EST. Are ya happy, jeez.

Monday July 19

Billy Strings - String the Halls

Billy Strings - Déjà Vu Tour

Billy Strings - St. Augustine

Tuesday, July 20

Lotus - Red Rocks - Standard

Lotus - Red Rocks - Pink Variant

Lotus - Red Rocks - Gold Variant

Billy Strings - Bonnaroo 

Wednesday, July 21

Umphrey’s McGee - Frederick, MD

Billy Strings - Louisville Set 

Thursday, July 22

Billy Strings - Louisville Night 1

Billy Strings - Louisville Night 2

Billy Strings - Louisville Night 3

Greensky Bluegrass - New Haven, CT

Friday, July 23

Billy Strings - Déjà Vu - Night 6 (2.24) - Standard

Umphrey's McGee - Frederick MD - Variant

Saturday, July 24

Billy Strings - A Really Rad, Really Exclusive Surprise (shhhhhhh)

Billy Strings - Luck on the Lawn

Variants, Test Prints, & Other Stuff

We will announce a smatter of other variants, keylines, test prints, and other stuff throughout the week. We will announce it at least 3 hours before we drop it. And we will always announce on Instagram on either our feed or our story. 

How Much Will Everything Cost???

Price will be posted on the product pages before the drop. Expect to pay between $40 - 75 for most of the APs. However, there will be some test prints, variants, and other things that will be more expensive than that. 

Where on Halfhazardpress.com Will the Posters Drop???

Bookmark https://halfhazardpress.com/collections/6-Days-On-The-Road. You’ll be able to get there from the homepage (halfhazardpress.com)


Will Only Vault Members Have Access to the Test Print Goodies???

There will be some special Vault-Only releases. But most of the test prints and variants will be available to the general public. (But don’t worry, Vault members - we haven’t forgotten about you!)

Are There Any Limits on Poster Purchases???

Yep. One per person.  

Will You Be Combining Orders????

We will combine shipping when we are fulfilling the orders, not during the drop. Our automatic merger solution is unreliable as hell. So, sorry that you’ll have to pay extra shipping costs on the front end, but we’ll go through manually and combine them. Likely the week after the drop. 

Will Mischief Points Work for the Drop???

Oh hell yeah. 

What Payment Options Will Be Available???

  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover)
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

Note: For competitive drops, make sure you are signed into your halfhazardpress.com account well before the drop!